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Petite Maison Oil to Milk Cleanser

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  • Soft and supple skin
  • Long-lasting moisture
  • Nourishing cleanser
  • Effective in water-proof make-up products

Which skin type is it good for?

  • Normal
  • Combination
  • Dry


It is an oil formula, transforms into a rich, milky emulsion upon contact with water, once rinsed away it leaves your skin perfectly clean, soft, smooth, and naturally beautiful.

Ingredients We Love: Grapefruit Seed Oil

Grapefruit Seed Oil, Besides its fresh scent, it is full of rich nutrients, which help promote healthier skin. It helps to protect your skin from free radicals that can damage your skin and cause premature aging.

    How to use: Massage onto dry skin to remove make-up. Add water to create a milky emulsion by keeping the massage moves on your face. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use daily.

      Petite Maison Oil to Milk Cleanser
      Rs 275.00
      Rs 275.00

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