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Ontex, one of the important hygienic product manufacturers with its technical knowledge and experience, was established in Belgium in 1979. Ontex, which specializes in hygienic products and grows in this direction, has a total of 20 production facilities and 28 sales offices worldwide. Ontex products are located in more than 110 countries around the world.



In 1998, Turkey was founded as the first diaper brand Canped also is Turkey's most preferred brand of diapers. As the leader of the developing diaper market, it also has the most product variety.  

In addition to bedridden patients mainly preferred by Adult products and bedspreads, 2007, the Turkey market, has also brought in adult patients and bladder pad of the absorbent underpants products that make life easier.

With the aim of increasing the comfort of the patients, Canped started to produce its products with textile surfaces as of 2012; It is the brand with the highest market share in field reports submitted by leading independent research organizations such as Nielsen and IMS. These studies conducted by independent research companies proved that it ranks first in performance satisfaction and recommendation criteria.

It has products that appeal to a wide range of sizes, from X-Small for children with disabilities or urinary control, to X-Large adult sizes. 

Canped brand patient diapers having a widespread distribution network; It meets with consumers through many sales channels including pharmacies, supermarkets, medical retail, and internet sales points.

In addition to its activities in Turkey which exports to 35 countries Ontex Turkey; It is responsible for the administration of North Africa, the Caucasus, and the Middle East regions. It aims to meet consumer expectations at the highest level with its main brands Canbebe and Canped in these markets. Ontex Turkey, Istanbul Exporters 'Association Istanbul operating in the General Secretariat Furniture, Paper & Forest Products Exporters between members of the Union "Paper, cardboard, packaging, stationery' sub-group among the most exports 5 companies located uninterrupted for 10 years. Since 2015, it has continued to be the first in export.