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Olivos Soap - Amulet Vanilla Soap (Body, Face & Hair)


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Our skin-friendly Amulet soap bar will serve a pioneering role in your bathroom. With simple and transparent package, a tiny amulet piece has been placed in our soap. The special design of evil eye Amulet Vanilla which is used for long-lasting protection in Turkish culture will bring a new design for your bathrooms.

Based on 100% extra virgin olive oil and vanilla, Amulet Vanilla soap stimulates skin cell renewal. Start healing your skin from outside in, combat aging and erase wrinkles with the specially designed Amulet Vanilla olive oil soap. Soap can be used on the body, face, and hair. 

100 g

Olivos Soap - Amulet Vanilla Soap (Body, Face & Hair) - BGlam Beauty Shop
Rs 125.00
Rs 125.00

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