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Olivos Soap - Summer
Olivos Soap - Summer

Olivos Soap - Summer

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Protect your skin this summer with Olivos Keep Moisturized – Keep Bronzed fresh-smelling 100% extra virgin olive oil soap. Olivos highly believes protecting the skin from harmful UV rays, keeping the skin bronzed and fresh is very important. Now, shield your skin from wrinkles, sun spots, skin thinning and keep your bronze skin with Olivos Summer soap all summer long.

According to many studies, extra virgin olive oil is the best protector for chlorine-exposed skins after pool & poolside activities. Although the sun is very important for human life, higher exposure to sunlight causes sun spots, skin dryness, and itchy feeling. Thanks to 100% extra virgin olive oil inside, Olivos Summer soap refreshes your bronze skin while protecting its color, moisturizes the skin and cleanses effectively.