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Inatur Face Scrub 150g - Olive Scrub - Sensitive Skin


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Olive Scrub is a unique product from the house of Inatur with a cream base and oat powder microbeads that gently remove dead skin cells and opens clogged pores making skin look clear and radiant. It has an extra mild cleansing care formula that provides protection and smoothness for sensitive skin. It can be used by men to soften the stubble for a smooth shave.

It is filled with the goodness of Oatmeal- which is a deep pore natural cleanser, has skin lightening effects, helps to remove dryness, and acts as a moisturizer, Green Tea- safeguards the skin against sunburn, is a great soother for skin inflammation, it has anti-bacterial properties that help to reduce pimples and improves the overall texture of the skin, Honey- makes it easy to unclog pores, boosts the complexion, treats acne and slows down aging, Olive Oil- has anti-aging properties and is a natural sunscreen too that helps to remove blemishes, its regenerative power also stimulates the process of skin healing, Chamomile Oil- has antiseptic and healing properties.

It can be used once a week since it is specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Ideal for:

Sensitive skin.

Active Ingredients:

Chamomile Oil, Green Tea, Olive Oil, Honey & Oatmeal 

Directions to use:

Take a small quantity and apply on wet face in circular motions very gently and then rinse with normal water. To be used once a week.


Inatur Face Scrub 150g - Olive Scrub - Sensitive Skin
Rs 299.00
Rs 299.00

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