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Inatur Foot Scrub 150g


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Inatur Feet scrub is a healthy cleansing and reviving ritual for dry and cracked feet. Since the skin on the feet seems to be coarser than elsewhere, it takes a stronger kind of scrub that helps the skin to exfoliate by gently removing the hardened, dull, rough and dead skin cells.

Glory feet scrub leaves your feet feeling cared for, soft, supple and fresh by removing dead skin. Regular usage is beneficial to prevent feet related skin disorders. It is a must-have, especially for summers.

It is packed with the goodness of Lavender- tones, and firms your skin as it boosts circulation, Frankincense- helps to cure athlete’s foot, corns and wounds, Turmeric- that helps to cleanse and detoxify the skin, Cocoa Butter- softens rough and dry skin, Walnut Shell Powder- that has natural exfoliating granules and Calendula Wax- that helps to prevent cracking of feet.

Ideal for:

All skin types.

Directions to use:

Massage all over feet in a circular motion, especially around areas where there is dry skin and then wash off. For best results, use Inatur foot cream after scrubbing to have a refreshed feel.

Pack Size:


Inatur Foot Scrub 150g
Rs 249.00
Rs 249.00

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