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Olivos Gift Set - Ottoman Bath Luxuries
Olivos Gift Set - Ottoman Bath Luxuries

Olivos Gift Set - Ottoman Bath Luxuries

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A wonderful gift for spoiling yourself and beloved ones, the Olivos Ottoman Bath gift set is all you need for a body detox inside out. The four-piece gift set features Olivos two Olivos Ottoman Bath series soaps and two amazing soap granules that nourish and delight all of the senses. Olivos 100% extra virgin olive oil soaps are the natural handmade artisan products made for the bath & body to soothe the mind and soul. Olivos Ottoman Bath Luxuries set is inspired from ancient Ottoman time and made with the historical recipe which is very traditional and cultural, as being more than soap with unique enchanting Turkish Hammam fragrance across the globe.
Treat yourself with the Ottoman Bath Seljuk gift set by bringing traditional Turkish Hammam Bath splendid to your home. Olivos Ottoman Bath Luxuries set combines the cultural unique design with the modern time bath luxuries. Olivos is proud to offer you elaborately manufactured soaps. The exquisite products inside this elite box can be used on the body, face, and hair. Spoil yourself and beloved ones with this well-tailored Ottoman Bath soap set. Put the granule soaps in your bedroom, bathroom or car to create a special refreshing atmosphere. You may also use granule soaps in manicure and pedicure treatments for nutritious full care for your feet and hands.

2x250 gr. soap bar + 2x100 gr. granule soap