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Olivos Korkut Soap - Sultan's Hammam (Body, Face & Hair)


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Turn your home into a luxurious and authentic Hammam with Sultan’s Hammam 100% extra virgin olive oil soap. It is based on the centuries-old tradition of the Ottoman Empire and gives tranquility to your soul and nourishes your skin.

Sultan’s Bath House 100% extra virgin olive oil soap provides the perfect bathing experience with its easy foaming and soft constitution. Since the Ottoman Era, the ritualistic cleansing process is more than cleansing. It is a chance to soak in the luxury of an authentic atmosphere. It was a common practice for every Sultan & Padishah to have a Hammam built in their own name.

When used regularly it enhances the skin, strengthens the hair, and provides increased protection against skin diseases. Perfect for all skin types. This olive oil soap used for bathing is a natural product you can safely enjoy on your body, face and hair in your bathrooms.


Olivos Korkut Soap - Sultan's Hammam (Body, Face & Hair) - BGlam Beauty Shop
Rs 175.00 Rs 200.00
Rs 175.00

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