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Olivos Soap - Spa Series (250 g; Body, Face & Hair)


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Olivos SPA series have been formulated by using 100% extra virgin olive oil and the unique minerals to give you the best SPA experience at home.

Enriched with special herb extracts and olive oil, Olivos SPA Aloe Vera soap gently but effectively cleanses your skin while helping to restore the skin’s natural state by leaving the skin totally refreshed and hydrated. It also cures and treats many skin problems such as psoriasis by reducing redness, inflammation, pain and soothes skin irritations. For many years, Aloe Vera is used for medical treatment and beauty purposes. Aloe Vera helps increase circulation in blood vessels in the skin as well as killing bacteria and moisturizing the skin. Made with all-natural ingredients, Aloe Vera enhances natural cell renewal perfectly. Aloe Vera soap can be used for aftershave treatment as its healing properties can treat small cuts caused by shaving. It can be used on the body, face, and hair.

Enjoy the most luxurious SPA experience with Olivos SPA Grape Seed soap at home and treat yourself in every bath you take. Fine lines and wrinkles can be eliminated with a daily dose of grapeseed oil on the skin. This blend of grape seed, olive oil and sea salt is a very effective product for healing your stress, providing antioxidant support and improving your blood circulation. Essentially, Grape Seed has the ability to promote cell health, elasticity and flexibility.

Olivos SPA Olive Oil with Olive Leaf soap is excellent in fighting infections, skin problems and bacterias. “Polyphenol” and “Oleuropeaein” substances found in olive and its leaves are effective in the treatment of cellulite thanks to their cell rejuvenating and protective qualities. In addition to being a strong antioxidant, oleuropein is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal (preventing the occurrence fungus on the skin and the hair) substance. Ground olive leaves and the natural bath-house scent refresh the skin and improve blood circulation. Olivos SPA Olive Leaf soap have been formulated by using 100% extra virgin olive oil and the real olive leaves to give you the best SPA experience at home. 

Uplift your mood with Olivos SPA Lavender soap, which is a good solution to exfoliate dead skin cells to unclog pores. Lavender is key element for aroma therapeutic sessions and helps get rid of stress quickly. The health benefits of lavender include its ability to eliminate stress, relieve pain, and enhance blood circulation. Generously sized for your everyday use and bathing periods, relaxing scent of Lavender will give you long-lasting relaxation and pureness.

Olivos SPA Mud soap has great benefits for your skin to exfoliate, deep clean, stimulate and provide much needed minerals. Moreover, mud acts as a scrub will remove any dirt particles, impurities, toxins while firmly peeling away dead skin cells to reveal healthy looking skin. Also, you can enjoy this soap as a facial mask by creating a generous amount of lather, apply to your face and leaving for five minutes as a purifying mask before rinsing it off. Olivos SPA Mud soap will clears dead cells, gently purify your pores, leaving your skin silky and shiny. Due to its moisture balancing quality it is recommended for all skin types.

Olivos SPA Seaweed Minerals soap is made with natural seaweed minerals and 100% extra virgin olive oil in order to remove dirt, impurities and restores the natural balance of the body, face and hair. It also helps fight cellulite, combat acne problems and psoriasis.


Olivos Soap - Spa Series (250 g; Body, Face & Hair)
Rs 150.00 Rs 290.00
Spa Series
Rs 150.00

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