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Olivos Soap - Classic Herbs & Fruits Series (126 g; Body, Face & Hair)


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Olivos Herbs & Fruits Aloe Vera soap offers perfect healing for burnt on the skin, skin problems, accelerating the blood circulation and keeping the moisture balanced. Aloe Vera is a perfect natural element for the skin. While it makes skin smoother and cleans deeply, it also eases skin containing numerous vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and agents which are anti-microbial. Olive oil with Aloe Vera gives the best care to your skin and nourishes as its best.

Olivos Herbs & Fruits Apricot soap has an ability to stimulate healthy cell growth, repair damaged tissues and helps to prevent acne and itchy skin. Apricot is very rich in potassium and vitamins that moisture and deeply clean all skin and hair types gently. Besides, apricot helps soothing skin allergy.

Olivos Herbs & Fruits Lavender soap is rich in olive oil and lavender herb minerals leaving your skin feeling hydrated, silky, and soft. Luxuriously silky lather cleanses deeply and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. Enjoy olive oil soap with lavender in your bathroom and feel the difference. Lavender relieves pain and enhances blood circulation. 

Olivos Herbs & Fruits Daisy soap bar is very rich in vitamins and daisy pieces. Speeding up the activity of hair cells, it maintains hair to extend healthier and abundant. It prevents skin rashes. This natural soap is a must-have for stressful lives, thanks to its daisy and 100% extra virgin olive oil ingredients that refresh you every single bath you take. Olivos Herbs & Fruits series Daisy soap effectively removes impurities, bacteria and excess oils preventing the formation of blackheads and any other skin disorders actively. 

Olivos Herbs & Fruits Daphne soap is very rich in vitamins and natural daphne herb. It is also convenient for sensitive skins. Its antiseptic property prevents the formation of eczema and mycosis. In order to eliminate the appearance of acne and restore the skins’ elasticity.

Olivos Herbs & Fruits Rose is one of the strongest skin cell renovators, functioning as anti-aging skincare. With the greatest combination of olive oil, It renews your skin quickly and keeps it moisturized. It also cleans your make up and removes the dead skin cells.

Olivos Herbs & Fruits Thyme is ready to pamper your senses and your body, face, and hair. It gives the best care to your skin and nourishes it as its best. The benefits of thyme have been recognized for ages. Now it is widely used for medical treatment and beauty enhancement.

Olivos Herbs & Fruits Turkish Bath cleanses your body thanks to its special content and properties; it provides comfort by facilitating blood circulation. The fragrance of the soap is from ancient Turkish Baths. The special essence of Turkish Hammam makes you forget the world outside, letting your body, mind, and soul enjoy the refreshment of classical Turkish Baths.



Olivos Soap - Classic Herbs & Fruits Series (126 g; Body, Face & Hair) - BGlam Beauty Shop
Rs 79.00 Rs 125.00
Herbs & Fruits Series
Rs 79.00

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