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Nail Cuticle Remover with Aloe Vera 500ml

Nail Cuticle Remover with Aloe Vera 500ml

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Soften edges and removes cuticle safely. Great to use for both manicures & pedicures. 

1. Rich in natural fruit acids, without additives, it does not damage nails and skin, it is safe to use.
2. Smoothing and deep moisturizing, can quickly soften the dead and hard skin.
3. Effective to soften the dead skin around the nails, softens and softens the edges of the nails.
4. 500 ml large capacity, can be used many times, ideal for professional use in beauty salons and at home.
5. It is a professional and effective tool to soften nails and dead skin, which facilitates the work of manicures.

Item type: nail cuticle Remover
Material: natural fruit acid
Color: as the pictures show
Net Content: 500ml

Nail Cuticle Remover with Aloe Vera 500ml
Rs 249.00
Rs 249.00

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