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Inatur Natural Hair Color - Brown

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Inatur's Natural Brown Hair Color is enriched with Henna, Indigo, Bhringraj, Amla & Moringa & Black Seed to bring in a natural color and shine to hair. This is a natural product and the appearance of the color will differ from one individual to another. There is an increased need for natural hair colors due to the over sensitivity of scalp to synthetic hair dyes Henna is the most popular hair color found in India. It is organic & safe to be used through it does not produce very dark & lasting colors.

Benefits for natural hair color

  • It is 100% organic & contains no chemical or dye.
  • It is completely safe to use on hair & skin.
  • It helps to prevent hair fall & removes dandruff from hair.
  • Makes hair long, thick & provides essential nourishment.
  • Keeps hair healthy & shiny for both men & women.
  • Enhances luster of hair.
  • Gives body & volume to thin hair.
  • It can also be used as a hair mask.

Directions to use: 

Soak Inatur hair color with lukewarm water to form a paste. Leave the paste overnight for better color development or for at least 2 hours. This helps in color to mature. You can use an iron vessel for better results.

Apply the paste to cover from the root to the tips of the hair.

For best & easy application use a hair coloring brush Keep it for one hour. For deeper color keep for a longer time.

Then rinse off thoroughly with water using a hair conditioner. Shampoo the next day.

Use plastic gloves as henna may stain your hand & clothing.

Inatur Natural Hair Color - Brown
Rs 175.00 Rs 340.00
Rs 175.00

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