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Agiva Professional Hair Conditioner 1000ml - Botox
Agiva Professional Hair Conditioner 1000ml - Botox

Agiva Professional Hair Conditioner 1000ml - Botox

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Agiva is a supercharged hair care complex for heavy hair fall. A shampoo that nourishes and replenishes hair, the scalp and the roots, right down to the ends.  0% alcohol and silicone, 0% paraben formulation that promotes strong and healthy hair growth by thickening and protecting the hair follicles.

Hair type: Straight, wavy, and curly

Hair texture: Fine, medium, and thick

Hair concerns:

  • Hair loss
  • Dry or brittle hair
  • Colour treated hair
  • Dry, flaky scalp

    Botox Shampoo 

    A botox infused shampoo/conditioner is a deep conditioning treatment that restores the shine and softness, leaving hair looking and feeling illuminated.  Need a boost?  Always.  There are so many elements that can affect your hair between washes, like daily hydration, chemicals, heat styling, or pollutants. Our Botox scrub and conditioner is designed to boost hair health, shine, and volume for all hair types.

    • Ingredient callouts: 
      • Your everyday hair care botox care and treatment, also containing retinyl and Free of parabens, harsh dyes and silicones. Containing deep protein force and is sulphate free.  Botox coats hair fibres with a keratin filler instantly boosting shine and volume.
    • What else you need to know: 
      • Use this formula when your hair is dull and in need of shine and vitality, Apply to the scalp and into the roots, right down to the tips.  Taking 1-2 minutes to allow the treatment to penetrate the hair follicles by gently massaging your scalp before rinsing. 

    Size: 1000ml

    Agiva Professional Hair Conditioner 1000ml - Botox
    Rs 149.00 Rs 249.00
    Rs 149.00

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