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Olivos Gift Set - Perfume Series


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Olivos Perfume Series Gift Set

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A luxuriously packaged gift set is ready to give for your beloved ones. The four-piece gift set features Olivos two Perfumes series soaps and two amazing soap granules that nourish and delight all of the senses. Share the premium luxury with this gift set and indulge yourself and your precious ones.

The uplifting fragrance of the Olivos perfume soaps and granules will invigorate you in every single bath you take. The soap granule will enchant your bath journeys pouring into a bath tube for deep relaxation. You may also use granules soaps in your wardrobe to make your clothes smell fresh all the time or your car. You may also this granule soaps in manicure and pedicure treatments for nutritious full care for your feet and hands.

2x250 gr. soap bar + 2x100 gr. granule soap

Olivos Gift Set - Perfume Series - BGlam Beauty Shop
Rs 600.00 Rs 1,045.00
Olivos Perfume Series Gift Set
Rs 600.00

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