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Olivos Zeyteen Soap - Naima

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The rare and exotic fragrance of Oud Wood smell features the blend of exotic Oud and Middle East fragrances at its very classy state. Naima – Sıhhatler Olsun soap is crafted from 100% extra virgin olive oil in Aegan coast of Turkey with its enchanting smell. Combining olive oil and fabulous absolutely differentiated Oud Wood fragrance, Naima – Sıhhatler Olsun soap is perfect for your pure bath experience. 

Naima - Sıhhatler Olsun soap helps you explore a new world of fragrance and how Oud Wood could combine with other precious ingredients from the rich stories of culture and artisan traditions of the Middle East in every bath you take. This soap leaves the skin feeling soft & smooth. 

Like all our soaps, Naima – Sıhhatler Olsun is also designed in a very exclusive packaging reflecting the Ottoman Empire period.

200 gr

Olivos Zeyteen Soap - Naima - BGlam Beauty Shop
Rs 145.00
Rs 145.00

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