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Olivos Korkut Soap - Massage Soap with Scrub Mitt

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Offered with natural exquisite silk scrub mitt, our massage soap is specially designed to provide the pleasure of having a massage in the bath. 

Beautiful combination of 100% extra virgin olive oil and olive leaves, the massage soap with silk scrub mitt will take you to traditional Turkish Hammam SPA experience. This practical concept is produced to satisfy your daily needs in the bath before starting a new day or after a long tiring day. 

Ground olive leaves and natural Turkish Bathhouse scent refreshes the skin and improves blood circulation with its greatest massage function shape. ‘Oleuropein’ found in olive & its leaves are effective in the treatment of cellulite thanks to their cell rejuvenating and protective qualities.
Olivos Korkut Soap - Massage Soap with Scrub Mitt - BGlam Beauty Shop
Rs 199.00
Rs 199.00

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