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Inatur Face Cleanser - Olive Cleansing Milk Nourishing (Sensitive Skin)

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Inatur’s Olive cleansing milk is a soap-free creamy and nourishing cleanser that helps in replenishing lost moisture. It also assists in removing make-up and other impurities. It can also be used around the eyes. It is enriched with organic Olive oil that prevents blemishes and gently cleanses and nourishes the skin by opening the pores. It contains Olive-that softens & moisturizes, Chamomile- that has anti-allergic properties and it calms & soothes the skin, Geranium Oil- prevents untimely sagging by tightening of the facial skin and combats anti-aging symptoms, Honey- makes it easy to unclog pores, boosts the complexion, treats acne and slows down aging, Lavender- tones and firms your skin as it boosts circulation. Ideal for: All skin types (esp. sensitive skin) 

Directions to use: Apply on cotton wool and gently clean with upward & outward movement to remove dust, impurities, and makeup. Can be used around the eyes also.

Pack Size: 100ml
Inatur Cleanser - Olive Cleansing Milk Nourishing (Sensitive Skin) - BGlam Beauty Shop
Rs 225.00
Rs 225.00

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