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Nevablond Ultimate Intense Lightening Powder Kit

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  • With its controlled bleaching effect, it lightens the hair up to the desired tone
  • Hair is protected during bleaching
  • Settles into the hair completely, does not dry, harden or flow

NEVABLOND ULTIMATE Intense Lightening Powder has a special formula that provides controlled lightening in every desired tone, from very light lightening to completely bleaching. It is easy to use and safe. It provides the desired result with its controlled lightening effect. It settles completely in the hair; It does not dry, harden, and flow.

APPLICATION: In a non-metallic, clean, and dry container, mix 30 gr NEVABLOND ULTIMATE Intense Color Lightening Powder and 60 ml Oxidation Cream with a clean plastic brush until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Spread the mixture you have prepared on unwashed, dry hair generously and evenly. Start the application where the hair color is darkest. Apply the mixture only to the roots of the hair and do not comb it towards the ends of the hair in the applications made on the newly growing hair roots! Leave the mixture on the hair for 20-45 minutes without using any heat or steam device. When the desired result is achieved, massage the hair with warm water and let the mixture flow.


Nevablond Ultimate Intense Lightening Powder Kit
Rs 99.00 Rs 149.00
Rs 99.00

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