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NAGARAKU Eyelash Primer 10ml

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Professional eyelash extension Pre-treatment activate glue

***The primer is used on eyelash extensions & not on natural eyelashes ***


1, Enhance the viscosity of glue: If the glue amount is appropriate, it can double the adhesive effect.
2, Prevent the glue come to white: Some special glue may come to white, it can prevent that effectively.
3, Extend the retention time: It can prolong the retention time if you use the primer before application.

How to use ?

Dip the appropriate amount of the primer with a cotton swab in false eyelash root 1/2 place, then start to apply the eyelash extension after about 10 seconds.


1, It is necessary to wait about 10 seconds before grafting eyelashes after using this product.
2, Use a cotton swab to apply this product to the base part of eyelash extensions that will be extended by glue.
3, primer is a very volatile product. Please tighten the cap immediately after use.
4, This product cannot be stored with the eyelash glue as it will cause the eyelash glue to set.



NAGARAKU Eyelash Primer 10ml
Rs 599.00
Rs 599.00

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