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Inatur Gold Facewash - Anti-Ageing
Inatur Gold Facewash - Anti-Ageing

Inatur Gold Facewash - Anti-Ageing

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Rs 230.00

The gold facewash is a rich, creamy facial cleanser that cleanses and revitalizes the skin. It also reduces the signs of aging and bestows a luxurious glow and shine to the skin, making your face look beautiful and radiantly blushing. It also does not dry out the face post wash and brings firmness and smoothness to the skin.

It is enriched with Geranium- which has anti-aging and healing properties, Jasmine- which regenerates the skin cells, Chironji- that hydrates and smoothens the skin, Lotus- that tightens the skin, Papaya- which acts as a firming agent and Patchouli- that again has anti-aging and antiseptic properties.

For best results, use twice daily- in the morning and at the end of the day.

Ideal for:

Dry and Mature skin.

Active Ingredients:

Geranium, Chironji , Papaya , Patchouli & Jasmine

Directions to use:

Moisten face, apply a small quantity of the face wash and gently work up a lather in a circular motion. Wash off with water to feel clean, soft, and hydrated. Use twice a day- in the morning and before going to bed for best results.

Pack Sizes: 150ml