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Agiva Apricot Scrub Peeling Gel 150ml


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With the apricot and almond core particles in its formula, Agiva Peeling Mask helps to remove the dead skin layer, revitalize the skin without irritating the skin. This application allows your pores to breathe comfortably and thoroughly while purifying your skin from black heads. It makes your skin looks more shiny, fresh and smooth. 

Agiva peeling mask does not cause skin dryness after use. 1 week after use, it presents a purified and shiny skin.

Usage: Massage your skin with circular movements for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with warm water. 

Size: 150ml

Agiva Apricot Scrub Peeling Gel 150ml
Rs 125.00 Rs 249.00
Rs 125.00

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