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Agiva Hair Tonic 250ml

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Agiva Hair Tonic is a professional hair product with the main function being to protect and maintain healthy hair consistently. It coats damaged and brittle hairs with a vitamin complex and provides collagen to turn thin hair into a veritable mane. Hair tonic is ideal if you frequently use straightening, curling, or styling irons. It is known to increase hair volume, shine, and softness.

  • Helps clean, nourish your hair
  • Increase density, shine, and softness
  • Excellent for damaged or worn hair
  • Perfect for overly ironed or heat/color-treated hair

Size: 250ml

How to use:

Apply on clean hair using your fingertips to massage into the scalp. No rising required.  


Agiva Hair Tonic 250ml
Rs 149.00 Rs 199.00
Rs 149.00

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