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Agiva Hair Styling Wax 01 Wet Orange

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  • Wet look
  • Crystal Wax
  • Strong hold
  • Keratin-infused
  • Perfect control + extreme stability

  • Agiva Hair Styling Waxes are a professional styling product with extraordinary capabilities. Aside from conditioning your hair, our hair waxes enhance hair volume, shine, structure, and texture. Most waxes are specially infused with a specific Keratin formula to help strengthen and protect the hair naturally. Thanks to the variety of waxes Agiva has to offer, you will be able to create any desired style for your hair. Agiva hair waxes are available in different strength levels, holds, and textures.

    Size: 175ml. 

    How to use::

    Apply a small amount of the hair wax depending on the length of your hair equally. Style as you like, it can be applied to wet or dry hair.


    Agiva Hair Styling Wax 01 Wet Orange
    Rs 149.00
    Rs 149.00

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