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Agiva Hair Styling Color Wax


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Agiva Hair Color Styling Waxes incorporate hair color into a strong-hold wax. Asides from conditioning the hair, Agiva hair color waxes temporarily dye your hair into your desired color. With its color pigment, your hair glows with a brilliant appearance and vibrant color. The color wax is not harmful to your hair and could be removed by rinsing your hair in water.
  • Vibrant colors to mix into your hair
  • Wax formula with strong-hold
  • Rinses out instantly
  • Long-lasting shine
  • Delivers great volume
  • Excellent quality and flake-free
  • Refreshing fragrance

How to use:
Apply wax with your fingers to the hair. Apply equally to all areas you want to cover.

Agiva Hair Styling Color Wax
Rs 99.00 Rs 299.00
Rs 99.00

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