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AGISS Depilatory Wax in Pot


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Made From natural resin without sugar, Agiss Depilatory Wax Heater in Pot can be used for melting Agiss wax. Provides an easy and practical use. Enables to keep temperature stable through its heat setting. Suitable for heating hard bean wax and roll on wax.

Application area

  • Suitable for arms and legs


Heat the wax in its heater or in boiling water until it completely melts. Avoid dropping water in liposoluble wax while heating. Take off the lid and apply roll-on in the direction one only. Cleanse your skin with Agiss Wax Finishing Oil or Agiss Oil Wipes.

Made in Turkey.

AGISS Depilatory Wax in Pot
Rs 100.00 Rs 185.00
Rs 100.00

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