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AGISS Hair remover Spray For Women 175ml
AGISS Hair remover Spray For Women 175ml

AGISS Hair remover Spray For Women 175ml


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Specially produced for women, Agiss Depilatory Spray helps the skin maintaining its moisture balance after use. Calms the skin with its chamomile extract and supports your care by providing the nutrients and Vitamin E your skin needs.

With its special formulation,  AGISS depilatory spray helps you to remove even the thinnest hairs fast and easily without pain. Various formulations for different skin types enable every user silky and smooth skin.

The depilatory spray is in normal cream format, is easy to use, appeals to groups of all ages except children, varies according to body types, and can be applied to most parts of the body.

Shake the bottle before spraying. Can directly be applied to the body. 

Usage Information
  1. Apply spray directly on the area where you want to remove the hair. Leave it between 5-10 Minutes. Rinse and clean with plenty of water after use.
  • Do not apply on areas such as face, armpits, or scalp.
  • Dry area before use. Not suitable for use on children.
  • Effect time may vary depending on hair thickness, length, and density.
  • For external use only..
  • Before use, try on a small part of your body for testing. Do not use in case of irritation.
  • Apply to the same area every day once regularly.
    AGISS Hair remover Spray For Women 175ml
    Rs 119.00 Rs 190.00
    Rs 119.00

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