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Olivos Olive Oil Honey Liquid Soap 450ml (Sulfate & Paraben Free)


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Olivos olive oil honey liquid soap is considered a very effective gift of nature because of many properties; it will keep the skin clean and clear. A protein made by bees is giving honey its healing power. The benefits of honey liquid soap provide similar effects for the skin, helping it to keep it free of bacteria and washing away the impurities. Olivos honey olive oil liquid soap's rich lather and luxurious smell makes you feel refreshed from its first use.

Olivos Honey Liquid Soap with extra virgin olive oil and honey. We've combined these two ingredients to make you a shower liquid soap that is rich in minerals and vitamins. Honey in our product is a very mild antiseptic and can be applied on irritated and fragile skin to make it more beautiful and pleasant. It will also give you extraordinary benefits without risks and is perfect for both adults and children. The moisturizing power of our extra virgin olive oil and honey soap is ideal if you want your skin to regain its original beauty.

Sulfate Free & Paraben Free


Olivos Olive Oil Honey Liquid Soap 450ml (Sulfate & Paraben Free)
Rs 250.00 Rs 285.00
Rs 250.00

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