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Olivos Olive Oil Hammam Liquid Soap 450ml (Sulfate & Paraben Free)


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Olivos is proud to offer you pure and fresh olive oil hammam butter liquid soap. Thanks to the rich blend, it helps to repair the skin and with its natural moisturizing feature, it has long-lasting Turkish hammam smell. This soap leaves you smelling like you just got back from ancient times of the Turkish Republic Relaxing properties of olive oil emerges as an excellent option to clean the skin gently without irritating it from the first use.

Intense and powerful, Olivos Hammam Liquid Soap cleanses the skin thanks to its purifying and soothing properties. It will leave a sweet scent of lemongrass on your skin. You also use it during your baths to calm insect bites and itchy skin. Associated with extra virgin olive oil, your skin will be hydrated and toned. 

Sulfate Free & Paraben Free 


Olivos Olive Oil Hammam Liquid Soap 450ml (Sulfate & Paraben Free)
Rs 250.00 Rs 285.00
Rs 250.00

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