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Olivos Soap - Perfume Series Soaps (250 g; Body, Hair & Face)


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Olivos proudly presents Perfume series soaps with 100% extra virgin olive oil. With its exquisite aroma and mildness, Olivos Perfumes series soap nourishes your skin as well as cleansing thoroughly. The rich lather of the soap renews the skin’s moisture and gives skin a silky shine. Uplifting fragrance of the soap will invigorate you in every single bath you take and rejuvenate your skin, hair, and face with the highest quality extra virgin olive oil and fine ingredients. Olivos Perfumes series soap delights and offers you a unique bath experience while giving the best care to your body, face, and hair.

250 gr.

Olivos Soap - Perfume Series Soaps (250 g; Body, Hair & Face) - BGlam Beauty Shop
Rs 120.00 Rs 260.00
Perfume Series
Rs 120.00

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